To be a Vegetarian

For starters, I’ve always been a meat lover right from my childhood days — I was fanatically devoted to meat. Now, the thing is, I wasn’t alone in this. My siblings were also avid meat eaters. So, it felt really good from that time! Fast-forward to when I became an adult, I found that I couldn’t eat a meal without chewing on beef or pork and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. The good news is, I finally saw the light and made the big change. I’m pretty sure you can too! You only have to make the decision and stick to it by all means. It might not be easy but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Why Did You Make This Change?

My decision to ditch meat was sudden, but there were a series of events that prompted the change. So, a long while back before I made the transition to a vegetarian diet, a close friend of mine came over to my place and told me that she has decided to quit eating meat. More like she has decided to become a vegetarian!

To be honest, I was a bit mad at her because to me; it sounded really weird for someone to give up on meat and become a vegetarian. I was a pretty naive at that time; I even told her that she’d end up harming her body and that was super dumb. Long story short, I told her that I would never follow her footsteps to become a vegetarian, but I never knew I was only deceiving myself.

After some days and months, I started reflecting on the words of my friend — how she made the switch to become a vegetarian. Moreover, I was going through some hard times. I was down and depressed but didn’t show it to anyone — I’ve never been a fan of pity parties. It felt like I was living someone else’s life and it was terrible.

The good thing is, I gave myself to watching documentaries, and they turned out to be lifesavers! I felt a whole lot better each time I watched them. For the most part, the documentaries were about nutrition, spirituality and personal development. They all had a positive impact on my life as well as on my way of reasoning. The nutrition documentaries took the veil off my eyes and made me realize that I’ve been making wrong food choices all these years and I needed to make a change. After watching a particular nutrition documentary, I made the big decision to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian, and that was it!


What Was the Transition Like To Be a Vegetarian?

To be honest, the transition wasn’t so easy. I experienced quite a few symptoms of the change, but everything got better anyway. Speaking of symptoms, I had headaches and even felt crappy for weeks. I also had crazy meat cravings that lasted about ten days. I got over it by maintaining a positive attitude about my dietary changes and my body adjusted to the big switch! To be honest, it wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it.

Moreover, I found myself crossing off every dish with meat whenever I picked a restaurant. It felt pretty weird as I literally watched the list entrees diminish from 10 to none!  There were times when I had absolutely no idea what to eat, but the good thing is, I got a little help from my dear friend and some vegetarian guidebook, and life has been great ever since!


What Was the Outcome of that Change?

As I said before, life has been great ever since my body fully adjusted to the big switch. I lost some weight and felt a big difference in my system. The best part of it was how my memory became clearer, and my depression fizzled out! I can’t really say my diet is super perfect. I eat chocolate if I want to, but I do it in moderation. But the good thing is, I now eat better as a vegetarian and also know that I’m not causing harm to those poor animals.

Being a vegetarian has a lot to do with preservation, and it can be a super healthy way to live. I can’t say it’s the only healthy way, but I sure love it! If you’re going to take this road, I suggest you set your mind to it and remain consistent; you’ll definitely love the results as much as I do.

What Lessons Do you Learn?

  1. Exploring more: As you know, American and European cuisines have very limited vegetarian dish choices. Salad this with dressing A. Salad that with dressing B. Sometimes, dishes with asparagus and artichokes. I became bored fast. That forced me to explore outside my usual taste bud and found out different vegetarian dishes from different cuisines. Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, etc. Changing my eating diet profoundly changed my attitude too. I’ve become more adventurous and relatively more risk tolerant for some reasons. It’s just amazing.
  1. Everything is achievable in life: You only have to set your mind to whatever you want to do and remain focused. I never knew that I could become a vegetarian, but here I am! I learned to be more deterministic and persistent to achieve my goal with purpose.
  1. Feel Healthier: Finally, meat is no longer what it used to be — it’s now filled with antibiotics, GMOs, and other unhealthy stuff. We live in a world where we constantly get sick no thanks to our wrong food choices. Let’s change the world we live in by changing ourselves!


I’m sure you may have different experience than I have. Comment below or even better, share your journey of change with others!


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